Our Mission

Our mission is to contribute to the Health, Wealth and Happiness of our Customers and Members by providing the highest quality products available and creating an e-commerce business model that makes these products readily available to friends, family and customers around the world.

Meet the team

Chan Heng Fai
Chan Heng Fai

Chairman and CEO

Mr. Chan is a global business expert with over 40 years of experience in banking and finance. He has restructured 35 companies in various industries.

Some of the remarkable companies that he has built, rescued or transformed include American Pacific Bank (USA), China Gas Holdings Limited and Heng Fai Enterprises Limited both (listed on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong), Global Med Technologies, Inc.(U.S medical software company exited for US$60 million), Singhaiyi Group Ltd (listed on the Singapore Exchange). Mr. Chan is currently the Managing Chairman of HKSE-listed Heng Fai Enterprises Limited and is responsible for its overall business development.

Seeing the outstanding products, rich legacy and unlimited potential of RBC Life, Mr. Chan acquired the company in the fall of 2019. He is deeply committed to ensuring that the legacy of Mr. Howard and the quality of our nutritional products remain intact as he guides us into the future as the signature wellness brand of HWH World.

Vincent Lum
Vincent Lum


Mr. Lum oversees the global business operations of HWH World including sales, marketing, and operations. Mr. Lum has extensive experience in the IT industry, the consumer electronics market, and with product development and strategic marketing spanning the past 25 years.

His many accomplishments including the role of CEO for HotApp International, an e-commerce platform based on mobile applications. He was also the CEO of Vitop, Ltd. where he managed all business aspects for their Wellness and Healthcare division. Mr. Lum has also served as Member of Global Executive Team with Apple. He is excited to use his wealth of knowledge and experience to grow HWH World into a thriving international wellness company.

Steve Haynes
Steve Haynes

Chief Information Officer

Mr. Haynes brings over 20 years of experience in the information Technology and Security fields to HWH World, Inc. He has a passion for IT and has spent his career designing, implementing and managing complex platforms requiring various levels of technology and security.

Previously, Mr. Haynes served in the US Navy, where he was named as his battle group's subject matter expert for his systems. This led to a promotion to supervisor of the division for ensuring the overall ship's systems were ready for deployment, which required precise coordination with every department on the ship. The experience and expertise Steve brings to HWH World will ensure that we can provide the high level of service and security we are looking for.

Janine Avila
Janine Avila

VP Operations, North America

Janine Avila has over 30 years of experience in the direct sales industry both in executive positions and as a top income producer. Her sense of humor, boundless energy and heart for people are the hallmarks of her career and the keys to her success.

As a corporate executive, Janine held the position of Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing at several national companies. She was named one of the Top 50 trainers in the world in the direct sales industry. She has served as a trainer for the Direct Selling Association, the world's most prestigious industry association. Janine's depth of experience as a top performing networker, successful corporate executive, keynote speaker, success strategist, and trainer are instrumental in her position as HWH World's Vice President of Operations, North America.

Carolyn Rachaner

VP Product Marketing

Carolyn has worked with RBC Life for many years teaching Members about the benefits of our unique product line. She holds a degree in Dietetics, a Doctorate in Traditional Naturopathy, and a certificate of Applied Clinical Nutrition. Throughout her career, Carolyn has run a successful nutrition consulting practice, written many articles about health and nutrition, and traveled the world teaching people about the value of supplementation. She stays busy raising 4 children but still love studying the science behind nutrition in her spare time. Carolyn leads our team in creating and marketing the highest quality supplements available.

Justin Boyd
Justin Boyd

Senior Systems Administrator

Justin is an IT professional with 7 years of experience as an Systems Administrator and possesses experience and a strong knowledge of the Direct Sales industry. Justin polished his problem-solving skills by providing excellent customer service. His number one goal is to eliminate downtime and increase productivity. He oversees all our home office executive's technology related needs including IT security, Date base management and troubleshooting system issues, which helps keep our offices running smoothly. He Recently acquired his Microsoft Teams Administrator Certification to add to his arsenal of skills. Justin also specializes in Social Media and works with our marketing team to keep our Affiliates up to date informed via our Social Media outlets.

When he is not behind the computer, Justin is a former International Rugby player, that represented the USA National Team in tournaments across 14 different countries. He is also a recently crowned National Champion, proving that he understands the value of hard work and TEAM!


Happiness Foundation

Giving back is not something we DO, at HWH World, it is who we ARE. Giving back is at the core of our business. Mr. Chan is passionate about making the world a better place and believes that helping young people find success and happiness will allow young entrepreneurs, in turn, to give back in their communities. Today’s young professionals are seeking ways to give back, and experiences over tangible things are valued more than ever. HWH World’s philanthropic experiences are one more way we are building Health, Wealth, and Happiness.
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